Friday, November 30, 2007

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas....

It's almost December! This makes me very excited because it means only two more weeks of school and then Christmas break! It's also sad though because Megan my roommate is leaving. She is so amazing and we have so much fun together. We are hoping to be roommates again next fall. I'm going to have to get used to a whole new roommate....but it won't be so bad, I'll still have Caiti and Candi here. Here is one of the pictures I'm turning in this week for photography. There is another one, but I have to fix it before I post it. They are both kinda abstract like last weeks picture...but I like them. :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This weeks photography assignment was all about color…..a nice change after taking black and white all semester. We are finally getting into digital photography which is very exciting. Here are the two pictures I'm turning in today. They were both taken at the Sacramento temple. Enjoy!

Fire lane thing on the sidewalk

Julia being beautiful

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Memories

Hello everybody!
I'm back in Idaho after a wonderful week in California! It was crazy but I was so glad to be able to visit my friends and see my family! I luv you guys! I took a bunch of pictures for my photography class while I was there so here ya go:

Three more weeks until I'm back for Christmas!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tag :)

I was tagged by my are my seven random facts! Enjoy :D

1. I get excited over anything.....seriously. I'm excited just filling out this thing :P

2. I love hand-clapping games!!! My friend Ryan and I started The Hand-Clappers Association Of Woodland. We love learning new ones and can play them for hours. Slide record=12 (if anyone knows how to play this game, you know how much your arms start hurting after #5, we had to practice forever to reach #12. Our goal is to reach #20 someday, but it takes, like, half an hour.)

3. I don't like nuts.

4. This summer I worked for the Yolo County Health Department in the Tobacco Education Program. Some of my duties included: Taking a bunch of my friends to Six Flags, hanging out in Santa Cruz for a week, and Chaperoning a bunch of teenagers on the beach in Sausolito for a week. I loved that job.

5. I own a pair of lucky pants.

6. I once planned on being a Forensic Entomologist. This was probably a result of all the murder mystery novels my mother let me read as a pre-teen. I'm glad I grew out of that stage :)

7. Ever since I was very very little, I have asked for a My Size Barbie for christmas. I still haven't gotten one, but it's on my list!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

This Week In Pictures

I haven't really blogged in awhile so here's a quick update: School is going wonderuflly, I love all of my classes especially Book of Mormon, Photography, and Drawing....even though I'm not very good at drawing. My roommates and I have tons of fun together and love drinking hot chocolate all night long. I got a calling as ward publicist...or something like that. Pretty much I just make flyers for activities in our far I haven't had to do anything yet :) I went to fall formal a few weeks ago!!! It was soso much fun, I'll write more about it later when I get pictures from it. Here are some pictures of the past week. Enjoy!

This is Megan (my roommate) and I on Halloween. Sadly, I had class that night so I couldn't really do anything, but I dressed up anyway :)
These are two of our FHE brothers. We took them to Applebee's the other night for dessert. Very fun.
Megan, Candi, and I.
Yesterday (Saturday), we all went to Caiti and Candi's cousin's wedding. Caiti and Candi's parents came up in their RV. It was HUGE and so much fun. The wedding was beautiful and I had a blast hanging out with Caiti and Candi's family.
Candi in her brothers big fur hat.
Caiti in her brother's big hatMe in the big hat. It was huge.