Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had a wonderful thanksgiving with some friends in the ward and their family.  Here is the beautiful turkey.  It was so very delicious and not a bit dry.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Less than two weeks!

13 days until my show opens at the Spori Gallery here on campus!  I am so excited but so nervous.  Today was spent printing everything.  Tomorrow will be spent framing everything.  And then I have a photoshoot!  Very exciting.

Life here hasn't been all that interesting lately.  Ben and I spend most of our days at school and then we eat and go to sleep.  Weekends are spent cleaning and doing laundry and doing homework.  I cannot wait to get out of school, work on my State Farm license, and finally be a good wife!  I can't wait until Ben and I can both go to work all day and then come home and not worry about it until the next day.  I can't wait to have a clean house that isn't oozing with bookarts tools and dirty dishes.  I can't wait until we move into a more permanent residence so that i won't feel dumb about decorating.  Pretty much, I can't wait to move on to the next big adventure :)

Many of you might remember the little car chaos Ben and I had a few weeks ago.  The first week of school Ben's car got hit while Ben was sitting at a red light.  Dumb?  I know.  So pretty much it was totalled.  And the guy's insurance took forever to contact us and like a week to get us a rental.  So after finally getting a rental they decided to take it away.  And then it took them another month and a half to get us a check to get a new car.  So we had to walk to school.  And you know what?  It was actually not that bad.  Ben and I grew so close on our long walks home from school.  We were able to slow down and talk and it was really rather great.  We started counting our blessings:  We were both safe, we had great friends to take us shopping, we would eventually be getting a better car, we saved so much on gas, and we really started looking out for eachother a lot.  A couple weeks ago we bought a new car!  And even though I am so glad we have it now that it is snowing, I'm kinda glad we were without it for a little while.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just so everyone is aware...

I have a new blog!  For by business class we have to show our online portfolio to some potential clients and I wasn't sure I wanted clients reading all about my personal life.  It's the perfect time to launch my new blog:

For now it's just images from my portrait class but expect great things soon...