Monday, July 28, 2008

This Summer.....

This summer has been amazing. I've been able to hang out with my family, go to concerts, and visit awesome places. A few weeks ago Jules and I went to a Jonas Brothers concert! Now, most people might think that the Jonas Brothers are a band for little fan girls but I think their new music is amazing. They are super talented and put on a good show. Jules and I got there a little early so we could scope out the place and check out our seats. We were pretty far away, but we had fun rockin' out! There were so many people there! There were a lot of parents with little kids that had to leave before the show was over. Who pays $70 to take their 6-year-old to a concert? Not me. Here are some pictures (of course;) to show you how amazing it was:
Their tour buses were totally was pretty amazing.

This weekend was the Alzheimer's 5k Run! Our whole family was there and we even got interviewd on live TV! I realy enjoyed the race and hope to do it again next year. Pictures:




Grandma and Grandpa!

My lovely family

Max and Sophia, preparing for their big race

Uncle Steve notices I'm taking pictures.....

...So Jules and my mom starts dancing

Beautiful Julia

Mi Madre!