Saturday, March 29, 2008

Grocery Carts, Pizza, and Martinelli's....

This week I've been trying Solarization! It's amazing.Another one.
This weekend we had white glove. Pretty much this means you have to stay up all night on friday cleaning every nook and cranny in your whole apartment. We turned it into a party and pulled an all-nighter. Music was blaring and cupboards were scrubbed. So much fun!
Arli in her grocery cart.
My section of white glove: The bathroom
Defrosting the fridge: With a blowdryer
This isn't from white glove, but I thought it was cool......she's the matchingest machting matcher that ever did match.

We took a little break to watch Arli win her 1000th game of Free Cell. College is really paying off :)

Shorts at BYU-I? Scandelouse! (I didn't realize she was getting my head in the picture)
This is where Arli spent most of the evening.

Cleaning the living room.
This is the cleanest this oven has ever been...and prolly ever will be.

My new best friend.
Lara: I'm using your bathroom Rachel!
Rachel: Okay, just don't use the shower....I just cleaned it.
So in the end...white glove was succesful.....we only had to stay up until 3:30am (unless your Caiti and Candi, then you stayed up until 6:00am) and we past on the first try (last year we had to have three tries). I slept in until 1:00pm.....heck yes.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's raining.
Not snowing.

More Lumen Prints

Here's another lumen print I did. It looks pretty cool except for the parts where the emulsion layer peeled off. It was fried to the glass I was using so it ripped off. Sad. Let me know what you think :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lumen Prints!

My very first lumen print! It's not the best, but hey, it's only my first one. It was so much fun, I soaked plants all morning and then put the straight on to the photo paper and exposed it to UV light for about 3 hours. Then I soaked in in fixer until it looked cool and washed it for 30 minutes. Ta Da! I will be making more later.....yay!


Another Great Day, at BYU-Idaho

First Date at BYU-I

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Logos Logos Logos! This has been my latest graphic design project. I've spent many many hours on it, like over 30 at least. 10 hours just last weekend. It's for a reptile exhibit about rock art and desert reptiles. The reason it took me so long is because my teacher decided he thought it looked to computer generated if I used real fonts and drew it in Adobe Illustrator, so, I had to draw it all by hand......everything, even the fonts. These are the three that turned out the best! The red one is the complete logo, the other two are variations that can be used on letterheads and business cards. My class chose this logo as the most succesful! Yay!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New hobby: Lumen Prints! I haven't actually made any yet....but we learned how to today and I'm so excited! The color is so dramatic and I love the expirimentation involved. It's also very surrealistic...which is what I like. This guy has some pretty cool Lumen Prints:

Here's a few pictures I took the other day with my camera. I got a bouquet of flowers a while ago and it's still sitting on my desk even though it's been dead for awhile. The pictures turned out pretty cool though.

Here we are last night at FHE! We got three groups together to play Dodgeball but we just ended up playing tag instead. It was pretty fun :)
Arli forgot shoes so she sported some pretty stylin' boots

I got to visit the Warnick family a few weekends ago! I had a blast hanging out with them and playing Apples to Apples