Friday, January 25, 2008


Today has been filled with technical black&white photography. Here are a few fun pictures.

Not your average mirror picture.....I swear they told me it was funny.

Super Heroes of the kiddie center thingy.

My favorite Sister!!

Why watch TV when you have the whole backyard to explore....and a dog that wants some love?

At the beach......not the prettiest waterfall....but it's one of the few pictures of me that I actually have. I'm usually the one behind the camera.



Monday, January 21, 2008

So school's been pretty crazy this semester! My favorite classes are definently my Hispanic Lit class, Social Dance, and Intro to Graphic Design. The work hasn't gotten much harder, but the amount has grown immensly. That and my social life has gotten a little crazy. I guess I'm going to have to learn better time management skills. Here are some random pictures I found ono my camera....have fun!

Some weeds in the snow. I took this picture to test out my new grey card. My teacher really liked it and talked about it in class. He said that ussually there should be an even amounts of whites, greys, and blacks in a picture.... but that mine was a good example of the exception. Yay!

Haha, my roommate tried to impress some boys that were over with her amazing brownie-making skills. It kinda backfired ;)

Luv you all and miss you!

Monday, January 7, 2008

You've got moves, I've got shoes, let's go dancing

I'm back in Rexburg! Yay! The break was full of fun. I got my new camera, Christmas, and a trip to the beach! Our trip to the beach was definently the highlight of the trip. The first day was pretty sunny but still really cold. The rest of the trip was really stormy. The power was out so we all headed to the beach. The storm made the waves huge and they sounded like thunder. They were at least 10 feet tall! After visiting a few beaches, we headed back to the cabin. The power was still out so we played games by candle light all night long :) Dad and Uncle Mike headed to the local store to buy more candles and came back with tons of free food! Because of the power outage, the store had to throw away all of their frozen foods, so we had plenty of pie, pizza, and ice cream sandwiches. We had to eat the ice cream before dinner, so it wouldn't melt. Dad figured out how to cook the pies and pizzas on the BBQ so we had a feast.
Here are a few pictures!

Cool Church

A huge sea urchin!