Sunday, September 26, 2010


Bachelor of Fine Arts Project
That's what I work on all the time.  And when I'm in other classes it's what I think about.  I'm dying right now because the photo lab is closed on Sundays.  My project will be different from other people's.  The past few days I was a wreck because of how different my images are from other BFA Student's work.  I was worried that people wouldn't appreciate dark, blurry, pinhole images.  For some reason I was also very worried that President Clark would hate it...But I talked to my teacher and he said that once people see the process and time that goes into pinhole photography, they will appreciate the images.  And that's the whole point of my project anyway, to explain the process of creating an image.  It's not just about pointing and clicking a shutter, it's about light, dark, sensors, and pinholes.  I can't wait for you to see my project :)