Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Married Life...

Sooo, life in the past month has been really good. After our wonderfully full month of December, Ben and I headed back to our little home in Rexburg, ID. Getting here was a little scary with all the snow storms and ice that just happened to hit on the weekend we were travelling back. But that just made getting home that much better!

Mom and the boys visited us for a few days while they were dropping off Julia at school. It was so much fun! It was fun to finally have my family as visitors at my house instead of vice versa haha. I miss my little brothers! They should come up here more often...hint hint. Having Julia here at school is really great. We have so much fun watching movies, shopping, and writing thank-you-cards together. Plus she lives with my old roommates so Ben and I have a good excuse to go visit our old apartment complex a lot. I spied Jules walking with a boy on campus yesterday...that was really freaky.

Being married is the awesomest thing ever just FYI. If you are not married and reading this...I highly recomend it. It's so fun to just hang out with my best friend everyday. We have been playing a lot of games like Rumikub (Thanks Aunt Sarah!) and Nertz. Ben is getting really good at Nertz so watch out Jensen Family. He might just woop us all at the upcoming family reunion. Plus, since my social life lives with me, I get a lot more homework done haha.

Ever since getting married, I have been way more of a clean freak then ever before. Like, maybe it's just because now I'm living in my own home and half of the mess is mine, but I love to have a clean apartment. Cleaning isn't a chore or anything anymore, it's fun because I know that in the end, I will have a spottless kitchen or living room to hang out in. Yessss.

Anyway...that's all for now. Ben and I got a Flip for Christmas so maybe I should post some of those videos someday. adios.