Thursday, July 2, 2009

Things I learned while painting...

So this week was spent cleaning and painting my brothers room. I'm a perfectionist plus I have a hard time sitting and painting for hours on end so it took me awhile to finish...but I'm finally done! At least until my mother gets home and points out all the mistakes ;) Anyways, so here are some things I discovered while inhaling paint fumes for the past week:

-Alex and Samuel's room is like 15 degrees hotter than the rest of the house. Why? No one knows.
-Painter's tape is amazing!
-Getting little boys to clean under their bed is harder than it seems. I should have just done it myself.
-80's Music totally get's me in the painting mood
-Little boys love to paint...take advantage of it.
-I love painting while lying on Alex's bunk bed...I feel like Michelangelo...until paint drips in my eyes and ruins my contacts
-Paint in the morning. That's when the house is quiet and cool.
-Twitter breaks are the best
-Phone call breaks are even better
-Especially if they are from Idaho
-I need one of those cones my mom always talks about...especially when I'm painting behind the door and someone try's to come in.
-Alex and Sam are so entertaining
-They can also be a little annoying...but I can deal with that :)
-Samuel is way good at picking out color combinations.
-Alex is a way good painter...on walls and on canvas

And that's all. Two days until The Fourth of July, be excited :)