Friday, August 21, 2009

If I really cared about Twitter then this is what today would look like...

yah, that's my uncle

-Rocking out in my car...
-Got a voicemail for a man named Michael. His computer is fixed and ready to be picked up.
-Poor guy, his computer is gonna cost him like $179 and they are only holding it until monday...
-Sitting at my desk eating goldfishies. Not really excited to start these phone calls.
-Totally just found a goldfish that looked like a shark. No lie.
-I secretly like it when people don't answer their phones and I get to send them a postcard...
-My uncle is blasting Phantom of the Opera from his office. Haha.
-My uncle just walked over and asked me what I plan on doing when I get back to Rexburg. Oh man.
-How am I supposed to work when I am so excited??
-Spilled water all over my shoe.
-Luncheon at Roundtable next week? Sorry, I'll be busy...
-Suprise lunch for my last day at work! How exciting...
-And I get my own chocolate cake. Today is the best :)
-More phone calls
-Gonna break into the sun chips
-"Hi this is Daren Anderson State Farm! My name is Rachel, how can I help you?"
-Yay, I got to make a payment.
-40 more minutes until I'm done
-20 more minutes until I'm done
-Why does it get busy like, 5 minutes before I leave??
-They let me take my cake home!
-Home home home home, a few days to relax and then I'm off to Utah/Rexburg!
-So excited right now
-Heading to the Fair, can't wait for my corn dog, night y'all.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Olema 2009

This past week was spent in Olima out near Point Reyes. I love this place. Our family has been gathering here ever since I was a little girl. There are memories at every beach and on every hike. Here is a list of discoveries and memories that were made this summer:

-Max and Tyler falling in love with sand...and sporting some stunner sand mustaches and beards
-Courtney getting pinched by a crab
-Playing Nertz like crazy people...and winning $20
-Aunt Marcia becoming one with the ocean...
-Slow Down!
-Everyone watching Elche as she slowly fell off her chair...everyone was to stunned to help haha
-Getting in trouble because our dog's bark was annoying
-"We drive so fast because there are no flowers to look at!"
-Tyler's joke
-Aunt Marcia's skit
-Pelican's diving into the ocean
-Roasting Oreo's
-Girls night in Katie and Ciara's tent
-Finding our true laugh
-Talent shows
-and so much more...can't wait until next year :)