Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vacation Journal In Pictures

As usual, I took plenty of pictures during our trip to Disneyland and San Diego! Here is a few, have fun!
Family Portrait in the awesome van we rented!
It was a long long drive down to southern California...but we had fun :)
Space Mountin: The Best Ride Ever!

My Favorite Princess!
Lightning McQueen baby!
Samuel.......he always wanted to be the driver
Ack! We're stuck in a cage made of bones!

Ack! Now we're running from a giant boulder!...except Alex isn't! He's gonna be squashed!
The highlight of Julia's day
This isn't really Ariel....she told us that her friend went to BYU-I, and I know for a fact it wasn't flounder.
At the beach in San Diego

We Saw Switchfoot Surfing
We Saw A Mural Being Painted
We Saw Jon Foreman Wearing a Cowboy Hat
A rare picture of me....wearing my awesome new hat. This is before the excructing sunburn I still have.
So there you have it! It was so much fun! Thanks mommy and daddy!